Live coding entropy: Initiatives MVP

Here is a brief overview of what I’ll be working on in the live-coding session I am going to start.

Why am I doing a live coding session? Well, because I’ve been too lazy to organize a proper meetaup-with-agenda for the longest time.

In this session, I’ll be writing Rust code while working on Entropy.

What is Entropy?

Entropy, I am hoping will be a platform for nurturing communities. It is primarily targeted towards bootstrapping a tech community named Entropy Hackerspace in Chandigarh, but will eventually be made into a framework. So far it is very much in alpha stage (mostly because as always, I chose an entirely new tech stack to build it).

What am I working on?

In this session I’ll be working on the “Initiatives MVP”.

(Excerpt from github milestone) > An initiative is anything, any member of the community want to work towards > solving/accomplishing. > > The MVP will be considered done, when there is at least one initiative > organized on Entropy’s site. This should include: > > 1. Initiative and its goals published on the Entropy site > 2. Health of the initiative published and kept up-to-date automatically > 3. Health/Progress of goals published and kept up-to-date automatically


Entropy (the app)’s job is to provide ways of methodical collaboration. Initiatives is one way of doing that

Initiative: An initiative is a overarching objective, a solution to some problem, a fantasy, that any community member want to achieve collaboratively - An initiative is split into goals. A goal is a

Goal: A goal is something achievable, with a quantifiable finishing line - e.g Have 100 monthly active users - e.g Score 8.5 in the exam


  1. Get bare-bones initiatives and goals working. This means creating a new initiative, creating goals for it, and publishing them on the entropy site

  2. Automatically track and publish the health and progress of goals (and initiatives). This one is going to be a bit difficult, since a goal can be anything, and different goals are going to have very different way of measuring progress and health.

    I have a rough plan in the mind which I am hoping to get polished while implementing #1 above (need to get into that diffused state). Let’s discuss on the live stream what my approach is going to be!

Recording for the session is available here:

Turns out, although allow live streaming to youtube, the audio quality takes a blow for the worse.